"Baby It's Cold Outside" - 3D Snowman Classroom Door Decoration Idea

3D Snowman Classroom Door Decoration for Winter
Photo Source: University of Alabama Child Development Center

Looking for a door decoration that will get you through winter, and could absolutely win any door decoration contest your school may have? Then check out this adorable 3-dimensional snowman put together by Ms. Caroline & Mrs. Lollar at the University of Alabama Child Development Center!

3D Snowman Craft

To create the 3-dimensional snowman, you will need three different size white paper (or plastic) cups and a stapler. Start by creating your bottom layer with the largest size cup, stapling the cups together in a circular pattern (make sure the base will fit on your door). Continue stapling layers of cups on top until you've created a half sphere.

Create the middle section in the same fashion with your middle size cup. You may need to use a few less cups in your base layer to make sure the circle will not be as large as your bottom circle. Complete the snowman's head with the smallest size cup in the same way.

If you're anything like me and need to see something in action in order to recreate it, there are several videos demonstrating the process that can be found on YouTube.

3D Snowman Winter Craft Close Up
Photo Source: University of Alabama Child Development Center

3D Snowman Door Decoration

  • Background: The example does not use a background paper, but you could cover the door with a wintry blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Baby It's Cold Outside
  • Border: A border is not necessary for this decoration, but you could line the door frame with a snowflake trimmer.
  • Decoration: Hang your paper cup snowman on the door. Then add your traditional snowman accessories (santa hat and scarf). Next, cut buttons, eyes and a mouth out of black felt and a nose out of orange felt and then attach each to the snowman with tape (if you don't want to cut out little circles for the mouth, you could create one from a thin black pipe cleaner). Side Note: Depending on the positioning of the cups, you could also fill cups with black and orange tissue paper to create the buttons, eyes, nose and mouth instead. To finish the door, hang snowflake cut-outs with pictures of your kiddos around the snowman.