"Apple Adventures" Fall Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Apple Themed Bulletin Board

It’s that time of year! Engage your students with this bright, bold, apple themed bulletin board. With lots of bright colors this bulletin board is sure to get your kids' attention. Get creative with different colors of borders and background papers. Add different variations with the apple accents by adding letters or nametags to make them unique. Use the tree to display your students' artwork or special papers! You can also add a calendar or incentive chart to make this a useful tool in your classroom.

Things You'll Need For Your Apple Adventures Bulletin Board!

  • Background: Start with the background paper for your Apple Adventures Bulletin Board. You can use green, brown, or white.
  • Border: Layering different colors of borders will create a unique effect and get everyone's attention. Start with a brown border on the bottom then add a layer of red on top.
  • Headline: You can use any color of our 4" Playful Ready Letters to create a fun, bold headline.
  • Accents: Start with the Apple Tree & Animals Bulletin Board Set. Add the Shiny Red Apple Classic Accents and the Apple Baskets Classic Accents Variety Pack to the bulletin board. You can add your students' names or chores to the accents or add White 2-Inch Casual Uppercase Ready Letters to spell out the ABC's on the apples. Finish the look by adding the Polka Dots Wipe-Off Calendar.

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