A Super 'Moo-arvelous' Farm Themed Classroom!

Faith over at 1st Grade Fantabulous created an awesome farm themed classroom for her kiddos and we think it turned out great! If you're looking for new and fresh ideas, check out these moo-arvelous elements!

A Snappy Entrance

Photo Source: 1st Grade Fantabulous

We have always been of the opinion that a door/entrance that 'packs a decorative punch' is well worth the time and effort! There's just something about it that gets kids excited to walk through the door and find out what other fun things await them!

Faith created her cow-print awning using white canvas, red fabric, and black fabric paint. She intended to use the same theme for multiple years so a sturdy awning was definitely a must! If you're not sure you want to commit to the same theme year after year, you can cut your costs by simply creating the awning from white, red, and black bulletin board paper!

Photo Source: 1st Grade Fantabulous

Faith's entrance/door also displays the classroom rules. The custom signs are colorful, the cow-print ribbon hanger goes well with the theme, and the placement of the display works as a great reminder for students each time they enter the classroom. We like also how the colorful signs pop against the jean paper background!

Barn Wall Display

Photo Source: 1st Grade Fantabulous

A farm theme wouldn't be complete without a barn! Faith used red, black, and white bulletin board paper to create the structure, and then each section displays important posters, anchor charts, etc. - some of which will stay up year round and some of which will be changed out with each unit/lesson!

Tractor Behavior Wall

Photo Source: 1st Grade Fantabulous

You also can't have a farm theme without a tractor! Instead of a clip chart, the display is magnetic and students move their corn cob from place to place!

Every Detail Counts

Photo Source: 1st Grade Fantabulous

From corn stalks and red polka dot borders to Christmas lights and cow-print pennants, every detail counts! Along with decorating ideas, we love taking a peek into different classrooms and getting a feel for how it flows. Some great thoughts for setting up a classroom;

  • To keep things more organized and reduce desk movement, Faith designs her classroom in such a way that each grouping of desks can be pushed up next to the wall. Then, to create a more defined 'area', she adds an organizational shelf at the end of each grouping where students can store workbooks, binders, supplies, etc.
  • Sometimes students need a change of workspace or a place to work quietly with other students. In the center of her classoorm, Faith keeps a table for small group work, etc.

Lots of great ideas, right!? Be sure to visit 1st Grade Fantabulous for the full post!