3rd Grade is in Full Bloom! - Spring Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Ashish Kaur

Check out this gorgeous spring bulletin board created by Ashish Kaur! With vibrant colors and three-dimensional blooms, this design is super eye-catching and sure to get you in the mood for spring!

3rd Grade is in Full Bloom!

  • Background: Cover the bulletin board with light blue background paper. Add a strip of green bulletin board paper to the bottom; using scissors to shape the top edge in order to create 'grass'. We love how Ashish created extra texture and fun by adding green Easter grass/crinkle cut paper filler to the cutout!
  • Title: "___________ [Kindergarten, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Room 203, etc.] is in Full Bloom!"
  • Border: Spring trimmer or complimentary patterned border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Tree. Create a trunk shape from brown bulletin board paper or recycled corrugated cardboard {for an extra sensory/textured element}. Cut simple leaf shapes from brightly colored card stock, arranging them on the tree branches. To create the blooms, make tissue paper pinwheels. We found a great tutorial over at Eliza Domestica to help you create your own! 2) The Fence. Cut pickets from white bulletin board paper. We suggest connecting the picket cutouts using either long strips of white bulletin board paper or white masking tape. [NOTE: The tape will give a cleaner, straighter edge.] First, attach the tape or paper parallel to the bottom edge of the board {above the 'grass line'}, then arrange the picket cutouts along the lines. 3) The Spring Elements. Use construction paper to create spring themed elements - kites, flowers, a sun, etc. You can hand-draw the cutouts or even find coloring pages to print and cutout!