Winter Interactive Snowman Bulletin Board Idea

Winter Interactive Math Bulletin Board Idea

Interactive bulletin boards are a great way to maximize decorations, learning exercises, and classroom space! Here's a winter inspired matching style bulletin board that can be tailored to fit whatever concept you're covering - the example shows how your kiddos can practice counting and build numeral recognition!

Before you begin...

You'll want to determine ahead of time how you plan to use the bulletin board so you know how many pieces you'll need to plan for - snowmen as well as accessories. For instance, the example board features numerals 1 through 12. Students are invited to count the number of buttons on each snowman cutout, find the corresponding numeral hat in the envelope, and place it on the snowman's head. You could take this a step further, having students review number words too. Simply script the number words onto another accessory - a vest, scarf, mittens, etc. - for more matching fun!

  • Use the board for sight word practice - scripting focus words onto the snowmen cutouts and having students match word or letter accessories to the proper "Frosty".
  • For younger learners, provide a bit of letter matching {upper case to upper case, lower case to lower case, or upper case to lower case} having students match alphabet hats to the proper snowman cutout.

You might even consider scrapping the interactive learning component and adapt the bulletin board to create a winter themed "Classroom Helpers" display - the snowmen display the various classroom duties and the hats, labeled with student names, show who is responsible for that particular job for the week.

Interactive Snowman Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the bottom two-thirds of the board with white bulletin board paper, using scissors to create an uneven edge at the top. Cover the top third of the bulletin board with sky blue paper - finishing off the "snowy" landscape.
  • Title: "Snowman Match-up!"
  • Border: Complimentary red trimmer or winter themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Find a snowman template online, preferably one with lots of accessories. We like this paper doll template from Danielle's Place - it offers two hat styles, a vest, a scarf, etc. that work well if you want your students to match more than one element. Printing the snowmen bodies onto white card stock and the other elements onto paper of assorted colors. [NOTE: Before printing the shapes, you might consider using word processing software to add the job titles, counting circles, sight words, or other desired learning element. Or, once they're printed and cut out, you can use a permanent marker to script the elements onto the cutouts.] Laminate all of the finished elements to reduce wear and tear, then arrange around the bulletin board. Place the loose pieces - the hats, scarves, etc. - into different envelopes and attach the entire envelope to the bottom of the board. For fun, consider adding some cotton balls at the bottom of each snowman cutout for visual interest!