Welcome To The 'Reading Oasis'! - Egyptian Themed Displays

Egyptian Reading Themed Decorations

Helping your kiddos enjoy reading is one of the most important things you can do as a parent/teacher. After all, reading is one of the first building blocks students much develop/master for successful learning in all subject areas! After looking through the pictures of this amazing Egyptian themed book fair event, we couldn't help but get excited. We can't imagine how it must have been for the students of Miami Lakes K-8 Center to experience it in person!

Submitted by Erica Nunez and the amazing decorating team at Miami Lakes K-8 Center - Ibis Mendoza (media specialist), Ana Reyes, Wendy Santana, and Nicolle Aguirrebena - we hope you are as inspired by these decorations as we were!

A cool place to discover hot books...

Library Entrance. Check out the amazing wall of hieroglyphics, sphinx cutouts, 3D palm trees, Egyptian posters, and hanging Egyptian symbols!

Egyptian Reading Themed Decorations Egyptian Reading Themed Decorations

Decorative Details. One thing we've come to learn about the the amazing decorating team at Miami Lakes K-8 Center, no detail is too small when decorating for the book fair! Check out what they have going on for the Egyptian theme...

Egyptian Themed Door Decoration Cardboard Camel Decoration Egyptian Tent Decoration Egyptian Ceiling Banner Decoration Egyptian Themed Estimation Activity

We can't post all of their amazing pictures, but if you want to check them out for more inspiration {or to simply check out the amazing event they put on!}, here are the links!