"Summer Is Sweet In Preschool!" Bulletin Board Idea

Summer Ice Cream Bulletin Board Idea

This bulletin board from All About Children childcare center incorporates two of the best things about summer - ice cream and sunglasses! It's a sweet design, created using student crafts, that's sure to be a hit. Don't forget to grab the FREE template at the bottom of this post!

Ice Cream Cone Craft

To duplicate the original craft, simply cut ice cream scoop shapes from white art paper, invite students to use paint daubers to color the scoop, then attach the cutout to a triangle shape cut from light brown/tan construction paper. Easy peasy!

Of course, there are other ways to go about the project;

  • Create the scoop and cone shapes using an ice cream template or coloring page. The more detailed shapes will make the cones stand out more when arranged on the bulletin board.
  • Instead of paint daubers, have students make puffy ice cream cones. All you need is shaving cream, glue, food coloring, and sprinkles! This, of course, would lend a more authentic ice cream look!

Sunglasses Craft

Sunglasses Templates

Download the sunglasses template below and have your students use them to create their own pair of sunglasses. There are four different shapes to add a bit of variation! Also, while you can simply have your students cut sunglasses from brightly colored card stock, we think it might be fun to try to provide a unique art experience. For example;

  • Use Crayon transfer art to create a design on the glasses, then cover with muted watercolors for a wax resist effect.
  • Complete the project in small groups and {safely!} paint with melted crayons! The results are sure to be stunning!

Summer Is Sweet In Preschool!

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Summer Is Sweet In Preschool!"
  • Border: Summer themed trimmer or complimentary color/patterned border.
  • Decoration: Fill the board with your students' crafts!

"Summer Is Sweet In Preschool!" Bulletin Board Idea


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michelle (Spotsylvania, US)
Great glasses template!

I used the sunglasses template as part of a self-portrait project for my class. Worked very well. The students cut out a pair of glasses, draw their hopes for the new year, and then add them to a self-portrait. Always adorable!

Jo-Anne Kumitch-Huxter (Qualicum Beach, CA)
Pretty cool sunglasses.

It was easy to download and will use it for scrapbooking!
Thank you.