Valentine Volume - Interactive Math Bulletin Board Idea

Elementary Valentine's Day Interactive Math Bulletin Board Idea
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This interactive Valentine's Day math display comes from Mrs. K over at Teacher Blog Spot! If you're looking for a fun, colorful design for February, that fits in with your lesson goals too, consider using this as inspiration for designing your own interactive board!

Valentine Volume

First, Mrs. K invited her students to design their own Valentine candy box from graph paper, determining how many chocolates {brown Unifix cubes} would fit in their box and writing the answer on the back of the "box". Next, she labeled each candy box submission, created a corresponding answer key, and displayed the boxes on the bulletin board. Students were then challenged to determine the number of chocolates that fit in each of the candy boxes, recording their answers on a piece of paper, and checking their work using the answer key.

You might not be studying volume at the moment, but your kiddos would certainly have fun with a candy themed interactive activity...

  • Count and record the number of chocolates in each candy box
  • Match the candy word cards to the appropriate word family candy box
  • Solve and record the answer to the various comparative math problems {i.e. Candy Box A has ____________ {more than, less than, the same as} Candy Box E}

Valentine Volume Interactive Math Bulletin Board

  • Background: White bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Valentine Volume!"
  • Border: Valentine's Day themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: The decoration depends on the type of interactive activity you plan to use. For the Valentine Volume board, Mrs. K used her students' paper candy boxes, as well as an actual Valentine heart shaped candy box to add a bit of visual interest.