Pre-K Is Sweet! - Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

Valentine's Day Kids Craft and Bulletin Board Idea
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This festive Valentine's Day bulletin board was designed by Mrs. Williams, pre-k teacher and blogger at Trendy Teacher. We love the scrunched paper border, it adds a nice three-dimensional pop, and the Hershey kisses adorned with student pictures/names offers a cutesy way to personalize your decor and recognize all the sweet kiddos in your class! Not to mention, the vibrant heart accents arranged around the outside of the board create a 'second border' of sorts - really adding to the display!

Pre-K Is Sweet!

  • Background: Violet bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "________ [Kindergarten, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Room 203, etc.] Is So Sweet!", "________ [Kindergarten, Pre-K, etc.] Kisses!", or another title of your choice.
  • Border: We love Mrs. Williams' scrunched paper border, but you could also add a Valentine's themed trimmer as well; perhaps adding a second solid color trimmer to create a layered look.
  • Decoration: 1) The Kisses. Create or find a Hershey kiss template online, printing the image onto card stock then using it to trace and cut candy accents from heavy tag board - one for each student. Cover each of the tag board shapes with aluminum foil to make them look like wrapped Hershey kisses and mount a student's picture onto each. Add the candy tags, using block letters to label each with a student's name and coloring the letters in with a blue marker {reminiscent of an actual Hershey kiss candy}. 2) The Hearts. Create heart cutouts from watercolor paper or coffee filters. Invite students to use liquid water color paints to create vibrant patterns and swirls. When dry, mount the watercolor hearts onto construction paper in assorted Valentine's Day themed colors {red, pink, magenta, violet, etc}, cutting them out once more and leaving a border of colored paper. Arrange the hearts around the outside of the bulletin board. Or, as Mrs. Williams did, opt to use the hearts for a mini lesson on symmetry. Provide your kiddos with a white heart cutout inviting them to fold it in half, crease it well, and once opened, add drops of craft paint to one side of the fold. Instruct students to carefully refold the heart, gently pressing the two sides together. When reopened, students will be thrilled to see that their design is identical on both sides of the heart!