We Love Our Teachers! - Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

Teacher Appreciation and Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: mudpiestudio.blogspot.com

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last Friday we had the opportunity to feature Lori's versatile Seuss-inspired bulletin board for February and March. Yesterday, the talented blogger at Mud Pie Studio sent us a photo of her newest Valentine's Day creation and, once again, we simply had to interrupt our President's Day line-up to share it! Yes, we know today is the day and it's too late to do anything about it, but we were thinking this would make a great addition to your inspiration folder or Valentine's Day pin board {for all you Pinterest fans!} for next year, or perhaps, you could use it for Teacher Appreciation in May! How adorable are the hand painted, polka dotted owls?!

We Love Our Teachers

  • Background: Cover the top half of your bulletin board with black background paper and the bottom half with white bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We Love Our Teachers!"
  • Border: None needed. You might consider adding a black polka dot trimmer or another complimentary patterned border, if desired.
  • Decoration: 1) The Owls. Lori drew and painted each of the owl cutouts, laminating the dried prints so they could be used again. For those who find hand-drawing bulletin board accents terrifying, we suggest finding some cute owl clip art online - we LOVE these owls from Graphic River! - and using your classroom projector system to enlarge, trace, and paint. [NOTE: Think of the adorable, matching teacher notes, labels, etc. that you could make if you purchased the adorable clip art owls! It would make a FABulous Valentine's Day or Teacher Appreciation gift!] Of course, you could also find a template to print onto colorful/patterned paper. All you'd need to do is assemble and laminate! Here are some templates we stumbled across...
    Owl Valentine's Day Template and Bulletin Board Idea
    {via Classroom Compulsion}
    Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea and Owl Craft for Kids
    {via Bugs and Fishes}
    Valentine's Day Owl Template and Bulletin Board Idea
    {via Blue Purple and Scarlett}
    2) The Speech Bubbles. Cut speech bubbles (large ovals) from colored construction paper, penning or printing cutesy messages in each. Attach a speech bubble above each owl cutout and add a trail of mini bubbles (small paper circles) leading to each owl shape.