Love Your Library! - Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea
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Who can resist this gorgeous three-dimensional swirling hearts design?! Featured at Heidi has a Hobby, this Valentine's Day bulletin board created by talented library media specialist, Kristen, is sure to provide some lovely inspiration for your own board! You might...

  • Make the hearts a bit larger, inviting each of your students to write one one thing they like about themselves, and entitle the board, "Love Yourself!"
  • Combine your Valentine's Day design with another lesson - health, social studies/community, etc. Scripting facts, tips, etc. onto the hearts and entitling the board with an appropriate headline - "Love Your Body!", "Love Your School & Community!", etc.
  • Have your students script the names of the people they love and admire onto the heart cutouts, arranging them on the board and entitling the display, "Our Kinders Are Full of Love!" or "Bursting with Love!", etc.

Love Your Library!

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Love Your Library!"
  • Border: Valentine's Day themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: Cut heart accents from construction paper in assorted Valentine's Day colors - light pink, hot pink, red, lavender, etc. Folding the cutouts in half, attach one side of each accent to the bulletin board, arranging the 'three-dimensional' hearts close together in a swirl pattern.