Math Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea

February Valentine's Day Math Bulletin Board
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It's always nice when you can coordinate your Valentine's Day decor with unit material and lessons. Heather Florkowski, educator and member of the Scholastic Community, decided to spice up her normal conversation heart theme with math terms and concept review - providing colorful classroom decorations for the holiday and a learning tool for her students!

Conversation Heart Activity

Florkowski created custom conversation hearts with a card stock heart template and construction paper in assorted Valentine's Day colors (i.e. dark pink, light pink, red, and purple). Using a marker and glitter glue pens, she scripted various math terms on the heart cutouts including - radius, difference, fraction, area, stem and leaf plot, quotient, diameter, etc. These cutouts were then pasted onto heart doilies and attached to the board.

Her students were then given a term to review and research - asked to find the definition, create a visual depiction of the term, and use the term in a sentence. The final "reports" were then mounted onto construction paper (matching that of the conversation heart) and used as an educational tool for the unit.

Conversation Heart Bulletin Board

  • Background: Light pink bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Captivating Conversation Hearts" - Florkowski opted to script the title onto paper with markers and glitter glue pens, then mount the title onto several conversation hearts. You could also use traditional trace and cut letters with complimentary colors of construction paper or store bought lettering.
  • Border: Florkowski used small heart doilies, but you might also consider a Valentine's Day themed bulletin board border or a solid trimmer in a complimentary color.
  • Decoration: Use the vocabulary conversation hearts and your students' 'reports'!

This is such a simple way for students to review important unit terms, get some writing practice (as they construct sentences), learn about the nuances of researching a concept, and still make the walls look great for the holiday!

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