Sweetheart Shoppe - Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea

Valentine's Day Incentive and Behavior Management Bulletin Board IdeaHelp your kiddos get through the winter doldrums with this fun Valentine's Day themed incentive bulletin board. Similar to a Christmas advent calendar, the design features fourteen hearts and balloons. If your students meet their reading goals, exceed behavioral goals, etc. invite a student volunteer to shop in the Sweetheart Shoppe - selecting and popping a balloon to find a fun prize for the whole class! This is a great activity for your kiddos as you look ahead to Valentine's Day and classroom party!

Sweetheart Shoppe Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

  • Background: Pink bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "The Sweetheart Shoppe!"
  • Border: Valentine's Day themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: Create large heart cutouts from construction in various Valentine's Day colors - pink, red, white, etc. - and arrange them around the board. Compile a list of rewards that your students will enjoy {i.e. pick a sticker from the jar, extra 10 minutes of recess, play a favorite classroom game, etc.}, writing or typing these onto small strips of paper. Place each of the strips in a separate balloon and add air, attaching the blown up balloons onto the heart cutouts. Keep a pin in your desk for popping!

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