"Super Students Bowl" Football Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Super Bowl Interactive Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: http://www.educationworld.com

Here's another great bulletin board just in time for the Super Bowl! Designed by the creators at Education World ®, you can tailor this display to inspire teamwork, recognize excellence, teach new concepts, and/or motivate your students to make it through what can seem like the "doldrums" of the winter season! Be sure to visit the full post for ideas and inspiration! ...And, even if you haven't decided on an interactive component just yet, the board still looks great as a way to recognize each of the super students that make up your classroom!

Super Bowl Bulletin Board

  • Background: For this design, you'll have to do a bit of measuring. Cover the entire board with light green background paper, then divide your board (across its entire length) into 18 sections of equal size, marking the spaces with small hash marks. Next, you'll need a section of darker green bulletin board paper (enough to cover half of your bulletin board). On this length of paper, measure out nine equal sections. [NOTE: Each of these nine sections should be the same size as a marked section on the bulletin board.] Use scissors to separate each strip of paper, then attach them to the board to create the striped appearance of a football field. Use a white paint pen to add the detailing - the yard lines, numbers, and hash marks. You should end up with a custom (handmade!) football field background that can be removed as a whole and used again!
  • Title: "SUPER Students BOWL!"
  • Border: No border is necessary, but if you have room around the edge (and won't cover up any of the numbers, etc.), consider adding a football- or sports-themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) Student Markers. Create football or helmet cutouts - one for each of your students. Freehand the objects or find a black and white clip art print through your word processing software or online to enlarge and trace. If you have plans to create teams, make sure you make the helmets two different colors. Use a black permanent marker to script each student's name onto a football-themed cutout. 2) The Scoreboard. Cut two large rectangles from black bulletin board paper. To make it seem like an authentic scoreboard, use yellow circle stickers to form the words "Team 1" and "Team 2" (or each team's name if they've been allowed to name themselves!). Since the scores will change throughout the unit/month/term, create removable score tiles. All you'll need to keep on hand are several squares of black construction paper and more yellow circle stickers to form the numbers and change them out as needed - adhering the score tile directly to the black rectangle "scoreboard".

We love the idea of creating interactive boards to create a sense of teamwork, competition, and fun! We'd love to know what you think of the board so leave us a comment below!