Sliding Into Winter! - Winter Bulletin Board Idea

Winter Bulletin Board Idea

Several weeks ago, Sheena Harish shared her amazing winter bulletin board and we thought it would make a great addition to your January decorating plans!

Sliding Into Winter!

  • Background: Sheena used blue and white paint to create the background on the original board. You might also consider starting with light blue bulletin board paper and using white paint to add 'whisps of snow/winter air' here and there.
  • Title: "Sliding Into Winter!"
  • Border: None needed. If you want to add a trimmer, try a complimentary colored/patterned border or a winter themed trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Snow & Icicles. Sheena used cotton to create the snow elements. We suggest first cutting your icicle shapes and snow banks from white bulletin board paper, then fluffing cotton balls and gluing them to the shaped paper. To create snow, add cotton balls randomly around the display. 2) The Winter Accents. Create your own snowflake accents using paper and glitter, craft sticks and sparkle beads, or another method of your choice. [NOTE: You could also simply purchase snowflake accents.] Arrange the snowflakes in the sky. As for the snowy evergreen trees, you can create your own by cutting tree shapes from green construction paper and using white paint to add snow or you might try looking for a clip art image that you can size, print, and cut out! 3) The Winter Characters. Create your own snowmen and penguins from construction paper (perhaps tracing clip art images found online if you don't feel comfortable freehanding the cutouts), print clip art images, or purchase accents from your local teacher store.