Rainbows of Color! - Student Created Bulletin Board Background

DIY Background Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: shareandremember.blogspot.com

Ran across this activity at {Share and Remember} and thought it would work great as a background for a classroom bulletin board! Not to mention, it's a project your kiddos can help with and are certain to have a blast doing!

Project Preparation

Supplies You'll Need

  • White fabric
  • Liquid watercolors
  • Ice cube trays

The night before, fill the ice cube trays three-quarters full with water, then add liquid watercolors of various colors to each section. Stir and freeze overnight. Measure your bulletin board using its dimensions to cut the piece {or pieces} of fabric to the appropriate size.

[NOTE: This may be intuitive, but by adding less water to your ice cube trays you can create more vibrant colors!]

Ice Cube Painting

Best completed outside {so you can "direct" the mess and soak up a bit of sunshine}, set out the fabric and colored ice, inviting your little artists to explore "painting" with the new medium. As the colored cubes melt - a result of warm fingers and sunshine - a cool tie-dye effect will begin to emerge on the fabric. When your kiddos have finished and their colorful little hands have been scrubbed, hang the fabric out to dry.

This is a fabulous way to create inexpensive {and durable!} bulletin board decorations, capitalize on a beautiful day, and engage your students creativity! Your kiddos are sure to have a blast and, after everything is said and done {in spite of the mess!}, you'll have a piece of unique, hand-crafted fabric to brighten up the displays in your classroom!