Kindness is the Real Global Warming! - Winter Bulletin Board

Character Building Winter Bulletin Board Idea

Barbara Gruener - elementary counselor, character coach, and creator of The Corner On Character - sent us her lovely and inspirational winter bulletin board design that was created to remind students that each and every person has a responsibility to be kind and show respect to others.

Here's what Barbara had to say about the design...

"This kindness board will undoubtedly warm your heart! Created in concert by my intern, Anna David, and me, this visual display is a reminder that it's cool to be kind!"

"[To create the board,] we used cloud paper, a plain white border, and Ms. David's hand-drawn lettering and caring people from differing cultures around the globe. Snow helps accent the winter scene and makes it pop; the snowmen friends inside the snow globe hold the world in their hands to show our little learners that kindness is in our hands."

What a neat way to ring in the new year - a beautiful winter display and a reminder to treat others with kindness and respect!

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