"Helpers Serve With A Smile!" Superhero Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Barbara Gruener - elementary counselor, character coach, and creator of The Corner On Character - invited us to check out her new back-to-school bulletin boards (she's in charge of decorating ten - count them TEN - bulletin boards each year!) and we're excited to be able to share her vibrant character-building designs!

Barbara recently published a book - What's Under Your Cape?: SUPERHEROES of the Character Kind - in which she defines positive character traits using the word, SUPERHEROES. She pulled from this theme when creating several of her bulletin boards...

Superhero Themed Helpers Bulletin Board Idea

We're a little bit behind in keeping up with Barbara's super designs since the school year is already underway, but when she emailed us her finished helper board, we had to share! We love the title and the reminder that, not only is service important, attitude is also key!

Helpers Serve With A Smile!

  • Background: Red bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Helpers Serve With A Smile!"
  • Border: Complimentary colored/patterned bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: The design is super simple to replicate! Purchase or create superhero cutouts that can be used to display the various classroom jobs. [NOTE: We weren't able to find a ton of superhero accents to purchase, but clip art, printed onto white card stock, works great if you need to create your own!] Then, to assign jobs, create cape cutouts that display student names and pin them next to the appropriate superhero cutout! Living Locurto has a free cape printable that would work!