From The Bottom of My 'Sole' - Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids and Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Kelsey Wooden

Kelsey Wooden created this adorable board for Valentine's Day and we love that, not only does it offer a clever title, it incorporates cutesy student-created elements that your kiddos will have a blast creating!

From The Bottom of My 'Sole'

  • Background: White bulletin board paper
  • Title: "I Love You From The Bottom of My Sole!"
  • Border: Complimentary patterned trimmer or Valentine's Day themed bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Footprint Heart Crafts. Provide each of your kiddos with a piece of pink construction paper. Working in pairs, invite students to take turns sitting on a chair while their teammate helps them paint the bottom of their feet with red craft paint. Carefully, keeping their seat, have them press their feet to the paper in order to create heart prints - angling their toes up and out, and overlapping the heel prints. {Of course, an example should help them with placement!} When the heart footprint is complete, have students trade places with their partner. When dry, arrange the heart footprint crafts - labeled with students' names - around the bulletin board! 2) The Accents. Fill the empty spaces with Valentine's Day themed accents!