Fall In Love With Reading! - Valentine's Day Library Display

Valentine's Day Library Display and Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: digipapergirl.blogspot.com

Erica, parent volunteer at Miami Lakes K-8 Center and creator of DigiGirl Paper Crafts, recently shared the new library display she created with the help of her school's media specialist, Ibis Mendoza, for the month of February. Here's what she had to say about the bulletin board;

"We went with the heart theme and title 'Fall In Love With Books!' I printed [the mailbox] from the internet and used a poster machine to make it bigger, then colored...and laminated [the cutout]. The same with the bear holding the big heart. [To finish the display, we added] some valentine books...and hearts for decoration!"

You can easily create your own Valentine's Day display and tailor it to fit your classroom! - i.e. "Fall In Love With Kindergarten!", "Fall In Love With Room 203!", etc. And, of course, the heart cutouts would be a great place to print your students' names!