DIY Texture Words Book

Toddler and Preschool Science Sensory Texture Book
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Enrich your kiddos vocabulary and provide them with a unique sensory experience with this homemade texture words book designed by Kristen Sutcliffe of New House Project. Soft. Smooth. Wrinkly. Squishy. The list of possibilities is only limited to the various papers, fabrics, and other household items you can find to represent them.

After your child(ren)/students have had practice {and fun!} with the book, consider using the pages or the remaining materials to create a matching activity. Place the book pages - minus the texture words - onto a bulletin board. Provided with an envelope of texture word labels, invite your students to first feel the material on the page, then match to it the appropriate label. Attach part of a Velcro dot to the back of each label and to the bottom of each texture page to help your students make matches.