Another "Sweet Treat" Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea

February Valentine's Day Bulletin Board IdeaWhile it may be too late to revamp this year's Valentine's Day decor, be sure to put this cute display in your inspiration folder for next year! With its traditional candy heart theme, the board is sure to provide a burst of color to your classroom and remind your students that, as "sweet treats", they're a pleasure to have in class!

Candy Heart Bulletin Board

  • Background: Blue bulletin board paper. While the original designer used a dark blue, you might consider using a lighter shade for better display results.
  • Title: "________________ (i.e. Our Classroom, Mrs. Nelson's Class, Kindergarten, etc.) Is A Sweet Treat!" or, to more specifically recognize your students, "Mrs. Nelson's Students Are A Sweet Treat!", etc.
  • Border: Valentine's Day themed border or a complimentary solid color trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Gift Bag. Find a fun Valentine's Day bag at your local grocery store. Allowing the bag to stay "folded", attach the side with the bottom flap to the bulletin board. Stuff a few pieces of tissue paper in the bag opening and add some festive curled ribbon to complete the package. 2) The Candy Hearts. Create a heart template from card stock using it to trace and cut heart shapes from various colors of construction paper or find a black and white clip art image online (or through your word processing software) that can be used to print hearts directly onto the construction paper. Like traditional conversation hearts, use a stencil or marker to script student names onto each cutout. Arrange a few of the hearts at the top of the bag and the rest around it as if they've "spilled" from their festive wrapping.

We think that this bulletin board would be a "sweet" addition to any classroom during the Valentine's holiday. Thanks so much for stopping by! As always, we'd love to hear what you think, so leave us a comment below!