Winter Q-tip Painting - Snowflakes, Christmas Trees, & More!

Winter and Christmas Q-tip Painting Craft for Kids
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Q-tips make great art tools for little crafters! We found this fun snowflake painting exercise over at The Shafer Family blog and it got us to thinking about how you could incorporate q-tips, round sponge paint brushes, etc. into your winter craftivities...

  • The snowflakes are perfect! Invite your kiddos to follow the lines, using a combination of the larger sponge brush dots and q-tip dots to create unique snowflake designs! Add iridescent glitter to the wet paint for a fun shimmery look!
  • Decorate Christmas trees! Provide your crafters with a Christmas tree cutout, inviting them to use the q-tips to create "draped garlands" and the round sponge brushes to create colorful ornaments!
  • Color candy canes! Draw simple cane shapes {or provide students with candy cane coloring pages}, inviting your students to alternate dots of white and red craft paint!
  • Outline the Christmas star! Print a coloring page of the Christmas star {like this one from abcteach}, inviting your kiddos to trace the lines with q-tips and gold paint, then sprinkle the wet paint with gold and silver glitter!

The q-tip and round sponge brush snowflake craft is just one of the winter great activities we found over at The Shafer Family blog. Be sure to visit for the tutorial and more learning ideas!