Christmas Tree Counting!

Christmas Counting Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan and Craft
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Looking for a cute counting activity for the holidays? Mrs. Morrow, kindergarten teacher and blogger over at Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten, created this adorable Christmas tree themed craftivity that is sure to be a hit with your kiddos!

While the original activity made use of die cut accents that she created using her school's machine, you could recreate the center with a coloring page and stickers!

  • Find an undecorated Christmas tree coloring page online, printing the image onto green card stock or construction paper. We simply did a Google search for "Christmas tree coloring pages" and found several viable options!..
  • Provide students with an opportunity for fine motor building, inviting them to use scissors to cut out the tree shape and glue it to their sheet of black construction paper.
  • For the decorations, find inexpensive Christmas stickers - Christmas lights, ornaments, stars, candy canes, etc. - and create a key for students to fill out when they're finished decorating!Christmas Counting Math Craftivity and Kindergarten Lesson Plan

What a festive and colorful way to add a bit of holiday fun to your lesson plans!