What types of positive reinforcement do you use?

Sample Answer: There are various positive reinforcements that I use that can prompt a student to perform and to attend class. First of all, I think that the reinforcement should fit the task and the age of the student. For example, if I am teaching first grade, giving stars on a chart is a good reinforcement. But stars may not be a welcome reward for a fifth grader, who might be more willing to perform as expected for a reward like an extra recess or a homework pass. I also have used positive reinforcement of allowing a student to be class leader for a day, leading the class to lunch and bathroom breaks for the entire day for a job well done. For students who have perfect attendance for the grade period, a pizza party is a great positive reinforcement.  I try to use a variety of positive reinforcements depending on the age of the children I'm teaching.

Tip: Interviewers want to see creativity in ways that you can motivate your class. By showing that you understand positive reinforcement and that you have plans of using it in your classroom, you demonstrate your effectiveness as a teacher.