Following in His Footsteps! - VBS Bulletin Board Idea

Christian VBS and Sunday School Bulletin Board IdeaHere's another simple, yet fun theme for your vacation Bible school or Sunday school classroom! While the display mock-up makes use of footprint accents, we think it could also be a fun idea to get your kiddos involved in creating this board! Celebrating each child's uniqueness, consider having each child create an actual paint footprint to add to the bulletin board (this is a super fun sensory experience that we know your kiddos will love!) or provide them with a cardstock footprint cutout for them to decorate and write one or two of the ways that they will follow Jesus in the coming week - i.e. read their Bible, do kind things for their siblings, pray, etc.

**Be sure to read the decoration section below for some fun applications!

Following in His Footsteps

  • Background: Purple bulletin board paper - or another color of your choice!
  • Title: "Following in His Footsteps!"
  • Border: Fun printed or patterned multi-colored bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Fill the board with footprint cutouts - either purchased accents or student created crafts! Use the footprints to display student names, ways in which your students can follow Jesus, or for the older crowd, verses about discipleship! [NOTE: If you teach at a private Christian school or year-round at church, you could also use this as an incentive board. Each child gets their own cutout and when you spot your kiddos making good choices and setting a Christ-like example, allow them to add a sticker to their foot cutout. When they collect a specific number of stickers, the child earns a special treat/prize! Another possible use might be as a helper board. Just as Jesus served others, your students can follow in His footsteps, taking turns serving in some capacity - passing out supplies, collecting supplies, etc. - in the classroom.]