We're Hooked On Jesus! - Ocean Themed Bible School Display

Christian Ocean Themed Bible School or Sunday School Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards | Lorraine

Designed by Lorraine Perkins, contributor to Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards, this cute ocean themed display would make a lovely addition to your summer Bible school program or Sunday school classroom! We love that it's simple, providing a pop of color without taking a ton of time to put up, and we also love how Lorraine used the fishing hook to form the J in Jesus! Clever, right?!

We're Hooked On Jesus!

  • Background: Aqua or azure bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We're Hooked On Jesus!" - Like we mentioned above, we love that Lorraine used the fishing hook as the J in Jesus. Cut the hook shape from black construction paper, adding a piece of twine or yarn to create the fishing wire.
  • Border: Ocean themed bulletin board trimmer.
  • Decoration: Use store bought cutouts, student crafts, or a combination! There are tons of great water animal crafts floating around Pinterest, craft sites, and the blogosphere. Create jelly fish by cutting paper plates in half, sponge painting them, and attaching curled ribbons punched holes at the bottom. Collage card stock fish cutouts with colorful art tissue paper squares. Recycle CDs to create fish - adding a card stock face, fins, etc. and gluing colorful jewels to the CD to create "scales". However you decide to do it, fill the space around the title with colorful water animals!