What methods do you use to handle classroom discipline?

Sample Answer: I think that the discipline that is handed out must match the child’s age and maturity level in order for the child to understand why he or she is being punished – and to make the punishment fit the offense. For example, disruptive third graders might receive a timeout or lose recess privileges for the first couple of offenses – and then future offenses might require a visit to the principal’s office. By developing ground rules and making those rules understood from the first day of class, my students will know what is acceptable and what is not. They will also know what disciplinary action will be taken if they don’t obey the rules.

Tip: Again, maintaining control while complying with school district’s policies regarding discipline is what he interviewer will be looking for when judging your response to this question. You may want to use an example of a real situation in which you have had to discipline a student tin order to show your expertise in this touchy area. Explain in your example why the discipline was appropriate and why it was effective.

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