What Makes Ice Melt Fastest?

Middle School Chemistry Science Fair Project
Photo © 2008 Matt Seppings, Flickr

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is always interested in the fastest, most effective way to melt ice and keep roadways safe in the winter. For those interested in chemistry, this science fair project designed by Dr. Andrew Olson of Science Buddies provides students with an opportunity to observe and determine the best method for de-icing surfaces.

A low cost project that can be done in a short period of time, students will explore the effect of table salt, sugar, sand, pepper, and/or other other additives (natural or man-made) on ice. While determining additives to test, students should keep in mind environmental concerns, as well as the idea that combinations of various additives may be more effective than the additives on their own.

For the full project - background information, research concepts/topics, supply lists, procedures, etc. - be sure to visit Science Buddies!