Mentos + Diet Coke - Pour Six Sodas At One Time!

Chemistry and Engineering Science Fair Project
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Did you know you could harness the reaction between Mentos candies and Diet Coke in order to pour six cups of soda at one time? If you're interested in chemistry and engineering, check out this cool science experiment from Steve Spangler Science - not only will your fellow classmates enjoy the explosive demonstration {and an explanation of WHY it works}, they're sure to enjoy a refreshing cup of soda!

Things to think about...

  • Why do Mentos candies react so explosively with carbonated beverages?
  • Does the "Super Soda Dispenser 3000" work as well with other carbonated beverages?
  • Is there a better design for the "Super Soda Dispenser 3000"?
  • What is the greatest number of cups that can be filled? - i.e. Can you play with the design of the "Super Soda Dispenser 3000" and the ratio of Mentos to soda in order to fill more cups?

For the full project instructions, a fun demonstration video, and related experiments - be sure to visit Steve Spangler Science!