Recycled Water - Does It Effect Plant Growth?

536846759For students interested in botany, ecology, and recycling, this science fair project that studies the effects of different types of water - grey water, black water, and tap water - on plant growth is sure to be a hit! Designed by a Memphis junior high school student, the project requires little in the way of supplies and can be completed with little to no expert guidance. Note, however, that this project requires the observation of the effects of the water samples on plant growth/deterioration which could take several weeks.

Dawson's project premise was to determine if untreated grey water and/or black water could be recycled, reducing wasted resources. However, you might also expand the project to include treated samples {i.e. boiled, filtered, etc.} to better understand grey water and black water treatment and uses.

For inspiration in designing your own project, click the link below to view Dawson's full report: The Effects of Grey and Black on Plant Growth