Built To Last - Exploring Skyscraper Design with Legos

Elementary and Middle School Engineering Science Fair Project
Photo Source: buildinglegoswithchrist.blogspot.com

Ever wonder what it takes to design a skyscraper? Seeming to defy gravity, these structures must be able to withstand weather and environmental forces, but also the weight of the building materials, people, etc. This cool science fair project, adapted by CJ over at Building Legos with Christ, would be perfect for upper elementary/early middle school students interested in architecture, engineering, and - of course! - constructing buildings with legos!

Project Overview

Keeping the footprint of the lego building constant, construct a simple shake plate to test different building heights/designs, determining which structure offers the safest and most stable design.

Possible extensions...

  • Experiment with the size of the building footprint.
  • Experiment with the type of building material and test comparable designs - i.e. toothpicks, craft sticks, drinking straws, etc.

For CJ's project board and links to the original project page, be sure to visit Building Legos with Christ!