Beautiful Blooms: What Makes A Flower Last the Longest?

Middle School Botany Science Fair Project
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Bouquets of beautiful blooms are lovely as centerpieces and gifts, but, taken away from their natural source of sustenence, it doesn't take long for them to become brown, wilted, and unattractive. Melanie's daughter, a middle school student with an interest in plants, wondered what might be the best way to prolong the inevitable wilting and set out to test several solutions. According to the project write-up over at The Bottomless Bag, she used various items found at home to create testable solutions - water, sugar water, soda, vinegar, aloe vera juice, aspirin water, and plant food+water. The results were quite interesting!

For those students interested in botany, this is a great project to try! The write-up over at The Bottomless Bag has great pictures, offers a better look at how effectiveness was measured, and is sure to inspire a project of your own! Be sure to visit for the full project results.