Hydroponics - What is the Best Liquid for Germinating Seeds?

Botany and Biology Elementary Science Fair Project
Photo Source: www.kew.org

If your upper elementary/middle school student is interested in biology - specifically botany, horticulture, and hydroponics - this simple science fair project from ScienceNerdDepot.com offers a great way to explore what types of liquids seeds thrive in.

Normally when we think about growing plants, we think of planting them in soil and rely on the combination of light, warmth, water, and soil nutrients to help them grow. Many plants, however, can actually be grown to maturity without any soil at all. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in nutrient rich water and this science fair project will help you determine which type of solution/liquid works best for germinating seeds;

  • plain water
  • orange juice
  • sugared water
  • vinegar
  • milk
  • water with a small amount of dissolved plant fertilizer

For the full project write-up, including materials needed and the project procedure, be sure to visit ScienceNerdDepot.com!