What are some of your biggest weaknesses?

Sample Answer: I have found that one of my biggest weaknesses is time management. I have so many creative and educational activities planned that sometimes I try to get too much in during one class session. It sometimes becomes difficult to incorporate each activity into the lesson, although I know that my students will learn from them. Luckily, I have learned to prioritize my lessons so that I can bring only the material into the lesson that is most beneficial for the students, realizing that I simply cannot, within the time limits given, do everything that I would like to do with my students.

Tip: This is a great question to use to “sell” yourself to your interviewer, but you want to avoid giving the impression that you see yourself as a perfectionist. Interviewers are human, and they know that everyone has weaknesses. Your response to realizing a weakness and how you rectified that weakness is what the interviewer wants to hear. They don’t expect anyone to be free from weaknesses. You can also turn the perceived weakness into strengths, as the answer above suggests.