Walk-In Igloo Winter Classroom Decoration

Life Size Igloo Decoration
Photo Source: University of Alabama Child Development Center

How stinkin' cute is this walk-in igloo that was put together by Ms. Kelly at the University of Alabama Child Development Center? It would make a perfect addition to your school or daycare's winter theme! And, added bonus: the kiddos can actually walk through, giving them something to do while mom or dad is checking them in!

How To Assemble the Igloo

Step 1: Create a base layer of milk jugs (make sure the caps are facing inward). Before attaching the jugs together for the first layer, lay it all the way out to ensure the igloo will fit in the space you have available. And don't forget to leave an opening for the entrance! Once you're sure the size is right, attach the milk jugs together with clear packing tape.

Step 2: Attach your second layer of milk jugs, making sure to move this section in just a bit from the bottom layer so the structure will begin to form a dome as you move up layer-by-layer. Continue attaching layers of milk jugs until you've reached the top!

Step 3: For an extra wintry touch, add fake snow around the base of the igloo and scattered around the sides. Kids will feel like they are experiencing winter first-hand, even if you live in a region that never sees snow!

Optional: Add a string of white ligths around the base and door of the igloo. You may also want to create an "Igloo Closed" sign if there are certain times when you don't want the kiddos running through.

Life Size Igloo Decoration with Lights
Photo Source: University of Alabama Child Development Center

Side Note: Unless you drink milk at a rapid pace, you'll want to get your entire class/school involved in collecting milk jugs! Start asking families to bring them in early fall and you should have plenty by the time you're ready to assemble.