Fingerprint Peace Dove for MLK Day

MLK Day Collaborative Art Project for Kids
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This fingerprint peace dove created by Ms. La Tocha's kindergarten class for their school's auction is absolutely darling and would make a lovely project idea for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

What we love...

  • This is a great community building exercise! Students are inspired to work together toward a common/positive goal and the result is stunning!
  • The diverse colors of the fingerprints working in harmony with one another to create such a visually appealing picture is a great reminder of the ideals and dreams Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life's work to!
  • The peace dove is also very symbolic of the works of Dr. King.

While the project may take some time to complete, the results are just beautiful! Be sure to visit Beverly Cleary School Class Art Projects for more photos of the project as well as project variations!

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