Beautiful Salt + Watercolor Winter Snowflake Art Project for Kids!

Photo Source: Art Projects for Kids

Winter just wouldn't be the same without at least one snowflake art project! Check out this gorgeous salt + watercolor snowflakes project put together by Kathy Barbro over at Art Projects for Kids! We love the colors, their miniature size, and that you can change the design by simply changing the order of the grouping!


watercolor paper cut into 2.5" x 3.5" cards

liquid watercolor paints

kids paint brushes


white card stock

3" snowflake punch

Creating the Snowflake Cards

First, invite students to cover their card with vibrant 'blobs' of color.

Next, while the paint is still wet, have them sprinkle salt on the card and set aside to dry. The salt, as it absorbs the watercolor paint, will create a fun textured look.

Finally, once the paint has dried, students can brush off the salt and complete their project by gluing on a white card stock snowflake cutout!

Arranged in a plastic trading card sleeve, the individual projects create a beautiful winter display that can be changed over and over! [NOTE: We love the small cards, but you could also do this project on a larger scale if you're looking to fill a larger display space!]

For this and lots of other great art projects, be sure to visit Kathy's site, Art Projects for Kids!