Valentine's Day "I Love You" Hand Print Magnet Craft

We love hand print crafts! There's just something about preserving the pudgy little fingers of your kiddos to be pulled out later for a bit of fun and reminiscing. Teachers, if you're looking for a cute Valentine's Day gift to send home to parents or, parents, if you're looking for something fun to do with your kiddos to send to grandparents, here's a sweet craft that's simple and festive!


sheets of craft foam


craft scissors

craft glue

festive scrapbook paper

heart stickers

other embellishments {optional}

Creating the Magnet

Begin with the sheet of craft foam and a pen, tracing your child's hand print onto the foam.

Use scissors to cut out the hand print shape.

Bend and glue the middle/ring fingers to the palm of the hand shape in the global sign for "I love you".

Add scrapbook paper hearts, stickers, and/or other embellishments, as well as the name of the recipient! (So that it reads, "I love you, Mom", etc.) As a last step (not pictured), add a piece of magnet tape to the back of the hand print to create a magnet for the fridge!

Voila! A fun and festive gift that's simple to create and is sure to be cherished by parents and grandparents alike!