...To The Moon And Back! - Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea

Valentine's Day Writing Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: lessonplansos.blogspot.com

We found this bulletin board over at Lesson Plan SOS and thought, with it's fun colors and cutesy message, it would make a colorful addition to your Valentine's Day decorations. Not to mention, it's a great writing exercise too!

I Love You Right Up...

Starting off with Sam McBratney's classic children's book, Guess How Much I Love You, students were invited to think about someone that they love very much and write about why. The prompts were then added to the board and given a festive flair!

...To The Moon And Back!

  • Background: How fun is the green zebra stripe?! If you want a similar effect, you might consider a traditional black zebra print background paper, finding a colored zebra print sheet set and using the flat sheet to cover the board, or purchasing a colored zebra print plastic tablecloth. Of course, you could always use solid light green background paper as well!
  • Title: "I Love You Right Up To The Moon And Back!"
  • Border: Colorful zebra print trimmer.
  • Decoration: 1) The Moon. This moon cutout was hand-drawn and shaded. If you question your artistic ability, you might consider finding a clip art image online that you can enlarge, trace onto white bulletin board paper, and color. 2) The Hearts. Purchase scrapbook paper in various colors/patterns, creating heart accents to arrange around the bulletin board. On the original board, the hearts were attached on, or next to, each writing prompt. 3) The Writing Prompts. Mount the writing prompts onto construction paper, creating a border, and arrange the pages around the bulletin board.