Take Wise "Cow-nsel" For A Great School Year! Farm Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Farm Themed Inspirational Bulletin Board Design
Photo Source: Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards

While her back-to-school student packets were likely chock full of advice for success in the classroom, the creator of this bulletin board featured at Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards wanted a fun, physical reminder to have up year round providing "cow-nsel" for a great school year.

Wise "Cow-nsel" Examples

  • Don't forget to "cow-nt" your blessings.
  • Wake up in a happy "moo-d".
  • Respect the teacher and "udder" students.
  • Raise your hand if you want to be "herd".

Wise Cow-nsel Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the top half of the bulletin board with light blue bulletin board paper. Use green bulletin board paper on the bottom half of the display to fashion grass and hills.
  • Title: "Take Wise "Cow-nsel" For A Great School Year!"
  • Border: Solid red border or blue trimmer or a farm-themed border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Barn. There are several ways you can create the barn. If you're artistic you may just want to free-hand the barn shape onto a piece of white background paper, color it, and cut it out, or draw the shape onto colored construction paper pieces, cut them out, and glue them together. If you're less inclined to draw your own barn, you could purchase a pre-fabricated cutout or find a black and white clip art print on the internet or through your word processing software, using an overhead projector to enlarge the image, then color and cut it out. 2) The Cow. Use one of the same techniques described above to create a cow cutout. 3) The "Cow-nsel". Use word processing software or a marker to print your wise sayings onto card stock. Create assorted colored construction paper borders and attach them to the display.

How do you help your students remember important advice? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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