"Shark Bites!" - Versatile Ocean Themed Bulletin Board Idea

Hartville Elementary School

This past week, I had the extreme privilege of visiting my childhood elementary school to check out the newest and best in classroom decorations! Despite their busy schedules - meetings and last minute preparations before school started the next day - the gracious teachers at Hartville Elementary welcomed me into their colorful and engaging world; a world in which they will spend countless hours the next 180 days, impacting the lives of the children in our community. I thank you all for dedicating your lives to helping our children grow, both as students and individuals. Here's to a brilliant school year, ladies and gents! {And thanks a million for allowing me the opportunity to visit your classrooms! I had a blast!}

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Shark Themed Elementary Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Lisa Dailey

While third grade teacher, Miss Dailey, uses this bulletin board to record her students' lunch choices for the day, if you don't need a lunch board, you can tweak it to fit your needs...

  • Create an interactive bulletin board to go with your one of your centers. Here's an example of a word family bulletin board that would be a perfect compliment to your literacy center.Ocean Interactive Bulletin Board Idea
  • Design a "daily schedule" bulletin board to let you students know what to expect at the beginning of each day. Laminate fish cutouts and use a dry erase marker to script daily activities, then simply wipe them off at the end of the day to make room for the next day's exercises.Classroom Management Bulletin Board Idea
  • Use the board as a classroom helpers chart. Create smaller sharks, scripting the names of each available job on or near the cutouts, and assign student(s) for each role. [Students' names or numbers would be scripted on the fish cutouts, of course.]
  • Create a behavior board using shark cutouts of different colors. Fish cutouts scripted with your students' names or numbers are then moved from shark to shark throughout the day {if needed!}.Elementary Classroom Management Bulletin Board Idea

Shark Bites Bulletin Board

  • Background: Aqua bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Varies depending upon intended use.
  • Border: Solid black wavy trimmer.

Supplies for this bulletin board...

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