"Shamrock Man" - A Simple Craft for St. Patrick's Day!

Photo Source: Little Family Fun

This craft from Linda over at Little Family Fun is super simple and appeals to crafters of all ages!


shamrock template

green and white construction paper

craft scissors

craft glue


Creating the Shamrock Man

1. Start with the green construction paper. Use the shamrock template to cut a shamrock shape from the paper. Additionally, cut 4 small circles from the green paper.

2. Next, cut two short and two long strips from the white construction paper. Fold each of the strips accordion-style.

3. Glue the strips to the shamrock shape - the short strips to the sides and the long strips to the bottom, gluing a green circle to the end of each strip to create 'hands' and 'feet'.

4. Finally, use the marker to draw a face on the shamrock cutout.

Because this craft requires few materials, the project can be pulled off in a pinch, making it great for those times when your students finish early or when you want to add something fun to your lesson plans on short notice! Be sure to visit Little Family Fun for this and lots of other great activity ideas!