"Rolling A Rainbow" Collaborative Art Project & Bulletin Board Idea

Collaborative art projects offer a great opportunity for building social skills and fostering cooperative creativity! Submitted by Michael Aldag, artist, card designer, and teacher at an after-school art program, we know your kiddos will have a blast working together to "roll a rainbow"! Here's what Michael had to say about the project...

"When I worked as a preschool aide, the teacher and I helped the students with a fun (and slightly messy) activity, called "Rolling A Rainbow." The Curriculum we followed contained a "ball" section. One of the activities we did to go along with this topic was using a bowling ball to paint. A large circle-shaped piece of paper with a dollop of paint was put on the covered table (good idea to put a little tape underneath the paper) and four students at a time worked together rolling the bowling ball to each other, covering the paper with paint."

"This was done for all the colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). Once the painted circles were dry, they were trimmed, and then we creatively displayed their work as you can see in this in this fun bulletin board layout."

Didn't it turn out great? A simple enough project, and perhaps a bit messy, but all in all, an art experience that your students are sure to remember!