Read Me Maybe! - February Library Bulletin Board Display

Valentine's Day Library Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Erica Nunez

We had to interrupt our President's Day line-up to share this adorable February themed library bulletin board sent in by Erica Nunez, creator/designer at DigiGirl Paper Crafts and talented parent volunteer at Miami Lakes K-8 Center. A spoof on Carly Rae Jepsen's pop hit, Call Me Maybe, Erica and Ibis {Miami Lake's media specialist} tweaked the lyrics to create a clever title and get their students excited about reading. We love how the board came together - from the font used to create the lyrics to the vibrant color scheme, the display is sure to catch the students' attention!

Read Me Maybe

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: Erica used a cutesy font to print the altered song lyrics,

    Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my cover, so read me maybe?

    Once printed and cut, she mounted the words onto colorful construction paper, cutting them out again and creating a colorful border around each word.
  • Border: Colorful patterned bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: Since the lyrics take up most of the bulletin board space, all you'll need to do to fill in the gaps is add a few colorful book covers and some music note accents! Use actual book covers or download, print, and laminate photos downloaded from the internet. And, for the music notes, there are lots of cute clip art notes, staffs, etc. online. Simply download, print, cut, and laminate!

{Additional Photos}:

Library Music Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Erica Nunez
Library Music Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Erica Nunez