Predicting with Eric Carle

Winter Literature and Writing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Christina over at Mrs. Bainbridge's Class came up with this fun literature inspired activity and we thought it would make a great addition to your winter plans! After reading Eric Carle's Dream Snow, where a farmer dreams about a giant snowstorm that covers the animals on his farm, and having your students predict which animal will be snowed in next, invite your kiddos to create their own snow scenes.

Christina had her kiddos draw a winter 'snowscape', including a secret animal, then tape a transparency over the scene, using white paint to add snowflakes and a large 'pile of snow' to cover their secret animal. Next, she had them make a list of five clues to help classmates guess what animal is hidden beneath the snow. The clues were displayed next to the projects and, after guessing, students had a blast lifting the transparency to see if their guess was correct!

We love literature inspired projects! Be sure to head over to Mrs. Bainbridge's Class for a project example and a free clue worksheet download!