Pine Cone Snow People

pinecone snowman craft
Photo Source: Kaboose | Amanda Formaro

It would seem we're obsessed with Amanda Formaro, kids craft designer from Kaboose, and in truth, we might just be! [Check out our recent post featuring her recycled cereal box snow people...] While perusing the site, we found another great winter craft and just had to share! Combining natural elements with various art supplies from around the classroom, Formaro's pine cone snow people are the perfect way to stave off the winter blues and create fun classroom decor.

Supplies You'll Need

Formaro recommends this project for children seven and older. There is quite a bit of cutting and small pieces to glue, etc. that may make the project more frustrating than fun for little hands. Ultimately, you know the skill level (and attention span!) of your students. If you think they can do it, go for it!

Also, if you anticipate that your younger students would enjoy cutting the chenille stems and other pieces for the craft themselves, hand them a ruler and take advantage of the opportunity for a quick lesson on proper measuring technique (it's always an added bonus!). On the other hand, if you know that your students will have a hard enough time staying focused just to assemble the snow person, rally the troops - room mothers, teacher assistants, etc. - and have the pieces cut ahead of time.