On Fire in Room 11! - National Safety Month Bulletin Board

Fire Safety Bulletin Board
Photo Source: Candis Murawski

While October is National Fire Safety Month, it doesn't hurt to review fire safety drills, procedures, and tips during your safety unit this June! Especially as we head into the warm summer months - months that bring with them more dry spells, cookouts, and campfires - your kiddos are sure to benefit from extra exposure to this important information. Of course, when we stumbled across this adorable display made by Candis Murawski, we thought it offered the perfect compliment to your fire safety lessons!

Flame Craft & Fire Photo Shoot

One of the things we love about this design is that it's mostly kid-created! For their first project, Candis provided each of her students with a flame cutout created from white card stock, shallow dishes of red, orange, and yellow craft paint, and small sections of sponge. Demonstrating the simple stamping technique, she then invited her kiddos to use the sponges to cover the cutouts with paint, using and mixing all of the colors as they worked. The finished projects, vivid against the stark black background, mimic open flame against the night sky and offer a vibrant pop of color!

Candis' second class project took them outdoors for a fire safety photo shoot where each student got the opportunity to demonstrate one aspect of the "Stop, Drop, & Roll!" drill! Not only was this a fun class excursion, it also offered a great excuse to practice the drill.

On Fire in Room 11!

  • Background: Black bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "We Are On Fire in Room 11!", "On A Roll in Room 203!", etc.
  • Border: Complimentary colored trimmer.
  • Decoration: Group student photos by action, adding them to the board and using bulletin board letters to label each aspect of the drill. For extra visual interest, use construction paper to create a border for each photo. Fill in the surrounding space with your kiddos' flame crafts and you're all set! Easy peasy, right?!