Kindergarten's "Most Wanted" - VBS & Sunday School Bulletin Board

{Since we helped out with vacation bible school this week at church, we thought we'd share some VBS/Sunday school board ideas! ...Which can, of course, be tailored to fit other classrooms and learning centers as well!}

Western Sunday School or VBS Bulletin Board Idea
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We love this western themed door display from Becky of Blessings for Bible School Teachers! A great addition to any bible school or Sunday school decor, students will love coming face-to-face with their own picture and are sure to respond to the reminder that God pursues them and wants them to be a part of His forever family!

"Most Wanted" Bulletin Board

  • Background: Brown bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "Kindergarten's MOST WANTED!" or "WANTED Kindergarteners!". We're not sure exactly how Becky created the special lettering, but we would start by finding various specialty fonts online that can be downloaded, printed onto colored paper, and cut out.Western Vacation Bible School or Sunday School Door Bulletin Board We suggest:

    Western Sunday School or Vacation Bible School Bulletin Board Or you might use:

  • Border: Gold wavy trimmer.
  • Decoration: Purchase or create "Wanted Posters" to display along with your kiddos' pictures! [NOTE: Becky found hers at Oriental Trading.] We used simple word processing software to create this poster.Elements downloaded from the web:
    • Clip art image of a piece of distressed/burned parchment paper found online.
    • Nashville font created by Disturbed Type and downloaded from
    • Rustler font created by Font-a-licious and downloaded from
    Western VBS or Sunday School Bulletin Board Idea
    *Idea from Oriental Trading

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