This Year Flew By... - End-of-the-Year Bulletin Board

Kindergarten and Elementary End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: Ruth

Ruth, one of our talented readers, recently submitted several of her fantastic bulletin board designs from this past school year, including this cute kite themed end-of-the-year bulletin board. We love the colorful kites and the fact that this design was paired with a fun writing activity - inviting students to reminisce about the year.

"This Year Flew By..." Bulletin Board

  • Background: Violet bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "This Year Flew By...But We Remember!"
  • Border: Black and white solid or patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: Cut kite shapes from construction paper or fun patterned scrapbook paper in assorted colors, adding ribbon for the tails. Invite your students to script their memories of the school year onto a piece of white paper cut into the shape of a kite, then mount it onto one of the colorful kite cutouts. Arrange the kites around the board.